Technical member of Plating - Afghan Geodesy and Cartography Head Office

Technical member of Plating

Technical member of Plating

Jobs announcement

Afghan geodesy and cartography head office by the number of ruling 33 date of 28/07/1382/ the deportment of state reformed in national deportment in order to carry out the best and clear jobs by the qualified and capable employees  Are included in the following posts and free competition reform process. Interested eligible they must completed the age of 18th they can receive the forms. It’s important that the selected candidate accept by the talent, qualified, without any national prejudice, ethnic, religious, and political.

And also in 8th Principles of article renewed selected Procedures appointment It is clear civil services officer those civil services officers whom Appointment by the free competition and completion of observation for one year for similar post and for two years for different post they can competed in despite of current job he can apply for the lower post too there is no preventative.

Place of work: Presidency of \photogrametry– general office of geodesy and cartography Kabul

DIMENSION of salary: according to the new system of salary

Post:  (5)

Number of: only one post

Date of announcement: 1395/6/1

Expiry date: 1395/6/14