• Topographic maps scale 1/5000 Kabul city based on aerial photography of April month year 2008, by digital system that is ready for users.

  • Image city maps based on satellite imageries years 2007-2009, some cities are completed and other cities are under compilation.

  • New version of administrative unites boundaries of Afghanistan using collected data from provinces and existing data in AGCHO, is available on hard copy and soft copy for users.
    Updated 1/1 million administrative and informatics map of Afghanistan, printed by plotter.

  • World 1/50 million map, by press printing system.

  • Maps of 1/250 thousand scale of 34 provinces of Afghanistan

  • Complete sit of topographic colored and black & white maps of Afghanistan with scales 1/5000, 1/100000 and 1/25000

  • Thematic maps of Afghanistan with scale 1/4 million of updating and printing of National Atlas of Afghanistan by digital system