Photogrametry Department

History of Photogrammetry in Afghanistan

From the initiate establishment of geodesy and cartography in year 1958 creation of photogrammetry method started, that is very fast and economic. At the first years of establishment of geodesy and cartography office some experts has been send to abroad for studying the aerial photography method and also a quantity of instrument were buy and provided, like aerial cameras, stereo plotting machines and laboratory instruments. Photogrammetry production accurate and continuously start from 1965. Aerial photography about 62% of the whole country by different scales has been completed, photogrammetry section could product about (600000) piece of photograph, photo mosaic, photo plan and daipositive.


Large and small scale plotting group:

These groups have some universal mechanic and optical machines that made by wild company of Switzerland country that are very expensive like two A-10 machine with computer devices EK-22, two A8+PP08 machine with semi computer, one A7 machine with computer, one C ╥ made by Galileo company of Italy, nine B8S machine, one B8 machine, one dryer machine for drying ortho film and two rectifier.

Plotting of Plane sheets to different scales:
Photogrammetry section from the beginning up to now for different purposes, prepared photo maps and photo plans the need of government and nongovernmental organizations that are working in the security and development sections. We can say for preparation of original of different scale maps and aerial topographic plans from aerial photography, creation of diapositives enlarge and contact photo plans and ortho photos, photo sketches, photo mosaic and determining of X, Y, Z coordinate are created according to the standards that are using in geodesy and cartography organization and also with respect of the demand of users.

Using of new technology in photogrammetry section:

1-Development of knowledge and technology at present that has become in different section of human life, we can see this change of technology in the potogrammetry section also, according to this purpose geodesy and cartography office decided on year 2007 to replace digital technology instead of analogue system in the photogrammetry section. That we be able to put a good step in the productions of potogrammetry that now is going on with analogue system and be able to provide the request and need of organizations and requester with digital format.
Geodesy and cartography organization could provide one (DSW700) scanner with four work stations to potogrammetry section be perfect with digital system.

2- Digital photogrammetry work station that grant by JICA organization of Japan country. That are used for training of photogrammetry section by with cooperation of Japanese teachers.
3- Total station, that learning of practical work is finished and our engineer able to use it in the field for topography and revision of maps.

Current situation and future vision
According the contract has been singed between geodesy and cartography organization and JICA of Japan country. JICA organization undertaken to compile 1/5000 digital maps of great Kabul city using digital photogrammetry and contemporary technology with coordination of geodesy and cartography office.
Project started last year and will finished during six months in the future. Kabul 1/5000 digital maps will answer all needs of development and construction projects of great Kabul. Kabul 1/10000 ortho photo are also in the plan to be created and it will be finished au soon as possible and will be ready for users.
Topographic 1/2000 topographic maps of kapica Province is going on and also Sheberghan 1/5000 maps revision work is finished by our field surveyor, after compilation will be available for users.
For the future project we are trying to provide an aerial photography airplane and a aerial digital camera, to create and update our topographic maps with different scales.