Meta Data Department

Meta data and customer services supply Department
Meta data department is working for collecting data, making its standardize advancing information technology affaires and supply services for customer. This department provides comprehensive information of maps and Geographical information that are available to provide facilities of much information for users and want to develop this issue. Supply information services for users including relation with other governmental and non governmental organization and world society by internet and AGCHO website.

Meta data Departments are:
1- Data collecting and special product
This department is working to advance data collecting about maps and aerial photography that exist in the office, geographical information, spatial information of the country, tasks and functionality of all governmental and non governmental organizations, making its standards and archiving in one data base, special product related to these information, for establishment of a data bank and envelope its. This process able AGCHO from point of view of investigation of quality and registering each data in data base. Collected information of maps allows AGCHO to improve customer services supply in better way from data base and also AGCHO will be able to more services for customers.

Information Technology system department (IT)
This section is working for implementation of information technology system affairs and strengthens of information technology system in AGCHO. IT services is responsibility of this section. Software’s and hardware’s affairs and solving their problem is conducting by this section, internet and net work services is also task of this department, and also IT section has cooperation with other section to create data base.
Information services department of Meta Data
Customer service of AGCHO present services in best way for customers inside AGCHO and also for out side directly and also by internet services. This section is only basic section for customer services. At first they are working to complete catalogue of existing maps, aerial photographs, satellite imageries and existing information in the organization to developed meta data, to have a relationship with others organization from internet and is a part of our strategy plan. We are trying to develope Meta data services permanently from direct contact and internet.
This department is responsible for distribution of all AGCHO products like different scales topographic maps, thematic maps, photomaps, photo plan, photo mosaic, and also providing Geodetic services like ground control points and benchmarks.