Cartography Department

The previous condition of Mapping and Topography Department had formed by the Cartography section. Drawing, Atlas and Printing offices were working for this portion. The Base and fundamental of Cartography department was drawing section. Because all affairs of a map executed in this part, maps has been made ready to press, and send its to the printing and press section. we must point out that all drawing affairs carried out by negative form, through scribe. It is not improper which point out a little from short history of scribe.
For the first time scribe introduced by American surveyors of geodesy in 1940 on special glasses, with usage of scriber instrument, than plastic sheets with code invented in 1946 and after that this method took international importance in main office of map production. Cartography section according to recent organizational change in Geodesy and Cartography head office and executing of administrative reform process, Cartography section promoted to Mapping and Topography Department, which has three separate section: (Geographical magazine, Mapping and Topography, Atlas and thematic maps (Remote Sensing and GIS) sections.

Geographical magazine section:
Geographical magazine section has created Afghanistan administrative Boundaries shape file which is a fundamental document for Administrative divisions units of the country. It has been provided and arranged after two decades of war. Base of this shape file is collected data and information from 34 provinces of the country.
Afghanistan has 399 administrative units: 34 Province center, 364 District and one town(Hayratan).
Administrative units shape file has been completed and both hard copy and soft copy are accessible to customers through the Department of Meta data and services. Another portion of this section is creation of villages’ names database. Which has provided and arranged on the basis of collected information with separation and analysis of Provinces & Districts. Geographical magazine section is working on harmonization of geographic names that is technically related with this section.

Mapping and Topography section:
In the Mapping and Topography section topographic small scale maps are drawing through scribing by negative form. Negative was a former and old system. In this direction for printing maps it has brought problems. That is to say now most of printing affairs carried out by positive form within modern conditions and negative materials fount with shortage in market.
Fortunately employees with perception and sentiments and their interest to duty they could bring a basic and qualitative change into their own impression square. It means changes negative system to positive has been successfully carried out in printing portion. Nearly from one year to this side, printing affairs has been carried out by positive form, which a remarkable improvement brought up from this region and also impression machines came up of a standstill situation and have changed to worthy production situation. and accelerate the process of production. That recently 1/1million map of administrative unites of the country printed by positive system and is utilizable to someone who needs it or customers has been settle.

Image city map (ICM):
This project start by help and cooperation of National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) of the United States of America in agreement with Geodesy and Cartography Head Office after holding a training course during year 2009 has been started to product ICM maps.
Their executive affairs were using the new Satellite images of (2006 &2008) for image city map, which is used for different purposes and mostly it is utilizable for security and defensive forces of the country. The maps, which prepared and arranged in ICM project are with these scales 1/5000, 1/7500, 1/10000 and 1/12500.

Atlas and thematic maps (Remote Sensing and GIS) section:
The main target of its work is providing Atlases and Thematic maps. Works are carried out in this part by using the Arc GIS and ERDAS software and work took place in digital form. This sedtion could complete the thematic maps of grains, gardens & vineyards, green nesses, melon-beds or kitchen gardens, irrigated and non irrigated, medical plants, natural plants and jungles, pasture, mammal , insectivorous, domestic animals, carnivorous savage animals, herbivorous savage animals.
According to geodesy and cartography head office plan they have in mind to complete a shape file all villages of Afghanistan. Which this section could prepare and arrange it in a sample manner during the year 2009 with use of Satellite images, they sent their employees in the fields to complete and stabilize perfect list of villages of Parwan Province at present it will be arranged in form of a shape file.